Established in 2018

The KDW Group was started to help entrepreneurs improve their business operations.

Working with companies in various industries from non-profit organizations to a start up company. I’ve created and implemented systems and structure to improve upon efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Using these successes, I’ve developed tools to help your small business add organization and structure.

Organization and structure is fundamental for a successful business, especially around growth phases. Business growth is more manageable, and profitable when starting with a sound foundation. You can run a business without the extra stress of constantly putting out fires in your day to day work life.

Whether you would like to use our tools and implement them yourself or hire our team, you can use our blueprint for success.

I look forward to working together.

Kristen DeLorenzi


To help people get organized and bring calm to their lives.


Provide practical organizational tools to improve your small business.